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In the Beginning

A Musical Life

I first became interested in music at a young age, my family was very musical, and my mother and father were both musicians and teachers.  After trying my hand at piano, then cello, I found drums. Something about rhythm speaks to me.  

I began experimenting with making beats in the early 90's after learning how to make music on computers at Berklee College of Music.  My goal was to make my own samples of me playing different instruments - to make it sound like a record sample.  

Time travel 20 years to now and I have lived through may trends and have kept my dream alive with my band Beats Antique.  Bending genres, collaborating with international artists -  writing, producing, mixing, engineering, conceptualizing and branding 10 albums, as well as performing and touring in venues across America and spanning the globe.  Always pushing the boundaries and working on creating a strong connection between the music and the soul.  

I'm excited to open my creativity up to other artists to help fulfill their vision with a sound thats both modern and classic, as a drummer, producer, and songwriter.

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